Barrel Racing

Barrel Racing is an extreme sport and partnership between a horse and a rider. The rider must have full trust in their horse, just as the horse has full trust in their rider. There are many equine breeds that are used in the sport of Barrelracing but the most common is the American Quarter Horse which is known for its quick and powerful burst of speed and agility. The horse and rider team competes by racing around 3 barrels in a cloverleaf pattern. The team can take one right and two lefts or one left and 2 rights. The object is to complete this pattern with the fast time while leaving all 3 barrels standing. If a barrel is knocked over then a 5-sec penalty is added to the team’s final time for each barrel knocked.

What Is Barrel Racing All About?

Join us at our next event and get a first-hand taste of what barrel racing is all about!
Barrel Racing has become a fan favorite at our events. True Grit Rodeo, based in Virginia, is sanctioned with the Southern Extreme Bull Riding/Barrel racing Association. The Barrel Racers of True Grit Rodeo are all competing for their spot in the SEBRA National Finals, where there are thousands of dollars in prize money and multiple Gold Buckles up for grabs. Only the top 20 cowgirls in the nation will qualify and get to run each year. These cowgirls are serious about their sport and take pride in their animal athletes. One thing for sure when you watch the Barrel Racers of True Grit it’s sure to be a horse race!