What It's Like To Be A Bull Rider
as told by The "Mexicutioner"
A body or paragraph of words cannot institute the emotion, feeling, and tradition-filled existence that is Rodeo. It may seem oxymoronic but, rodeo and bull riding is the one thing that acts as a forcing function of my life. It empowers the mind to set superhuman goals, which drives the discipline to work out every morning, to visualize rides all day, to plan your existence around this talent has burned into your soul, it makes you question at all times is what I’m doing currently glorifying God. Am I setting the right example for those who see me? It forces me to read from the bread of life every day in order to be consistent with the promise I made to myself; be disciplined in all things.

It is a beautiful combination of chaos, focus, doubt, and faith. It is a hypocrisy of tragic loss and glorious moments when your name is echoed throughout coliseum halls and fair rodeo midways. It’s a million miles traveled not remembering what town you stopped in last. It’s money spent that you may not have earned yet. It is living the highs of the good seasons when you just cannot draw a bad bull, and it’s the lows when you buck off for a month straight. It never gets old because every day is a new adventure, a new town, something you haven’t seen before. It’s the feeling of fire in your neck when the chute-boss points to you and says, “to you next”!. The smell of rosin fills the air, the laughter of close friends’ rings as the music director checks his equipment one last time.

It seems now as I grow older, a new generation of Cowboy has emerged one that cares for their body more and trains to a level we have never seen before in the event: this is necessary as the bulls have grown to a level that out calibers the cowboy that nods their face. Rodeo requires the utmost discipline, faith, and the everflowing grace of the Lord, and we that choose this life live the best life known. It requires you to wake up and say, “rise O great sun, that I might change my stars”!